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Gmail hacks

Gmail is good.

It has a ton of storage. WSU Webmail does not. It’s easy to forward your WSU webmail to a gmail account. Here’s how, in order:

  1. create a gmail account.
  2. Then, forward your WSU webmail to it (from your WSU account).
  3. You can also send messages from your gmail as your address. You set this up from you gmail account settings.
  4. Configure the gmail
  5. Apply Filters

Applying filters is the most important part of this equation. Experts generally agree that you should kick the email-checking habit. By reducing the amount of stuff-you-don’t-wanna-read from your inbox, you can save tons of time! Here are a few of my favorite filters (specific to the WSU LISP Listserv):

##Reduces the number of textbook-selling emails


Has the Words: (sale OR selling OR wanted OR needed OR Looking) AND (book OR textbook OR texts OR text)

Doesn’t Have: “Job Posting” OR “REMINDER”

Do this: Skip Inbox, Apply label “Textbooks”

##Unsuccessful unsubscribe attempts can get annoying!

Has the Words: signoff lispinf Do this: Skip Inbox, Apply label “idiot”

##Lets me browse the Job Postings when it’s occasionally useful to me

Subject:(JOB POSTING) Do this: Skip Inbox, Apply label “Job Posting”


One thing you can do with filters is forward your emails — so using mailbucket you can make RSS feeds for certain threads.