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Una Dia

Okay, so it’s been a little more than 24 hours since I launched Facebook Librarian into the application directory. As of now, there’s 160 users, with 33 librarians. Only two have used the widget feature, one of those being me. So, my first and biggest goal is improving that stat. The registration form will be clearer about the widget and more encouraging, and any page that doesn’t have a widget will display the sample widget that directs you to my homepage. This will hopefully make the usefulness of the widgets more apparent.

Other things I plan to do in the next 24 hours:

  • Clone the app and use the private clone to test new features (I’ll post a link so you can preview it)
  • Watch the Nathan’s Famous Hot Dog eating contest (Go Joey! Break 60!)
  • Make the resource lists instantly collaborative and somewhat digg-like
  • Add a homepage URL feature in case the widget thing doesn’t catch on
  • Go to my friend Matt’s fireworks display
  • Fix the non-network fatal php error
  • Improve the UI to match up with the most common questions from today
  • Write Presentation and Paper Outlines for my LIS class.
  • Make a script to write the network data to XML, for other app writers to use
  • Celebrate our nation’s independence
  • Work on releasing the source

One final note: Thank you to everyone who’s been so supportive today! Especially Gerry and Ken, who have done an incredible amount of PR in the preceding 24 hours. It feels really good that the community is taking so much ownership and giving feedback.

The objective over the next few days is to turn the proof-of-concept into something that facebook-based research students will want to use, considering there’s almost a librarian for every four non- librarians at this point.

Hey, and let me know if you start getting reference questions. That would be really cool.

Thanks again everybody – this experiment has been a real blast up to this point.