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Week 2 — Encyclopedia by Letters

This week I’m reading an entry from each letter of the alphabet (26 entries if you’re keeping score) from a different Encyclopedia every day.

Today was Encyclopedia of the Great Depression, and here’s what I read about:

  1. American Youth Congress
  2. Bourke-White, Margaret
  3. Conservative Coalition
  4. Disney, Walt
  5. Ezekiel, Mordecai
  6. Fair Labor Standards Act
  7. Gold Diggers of 1933
  8. Henderson, Leon
  9. Indian Reorganization Act of 1934
  10. Johnson, Lyndon B.
  11. Kristallnacht
  12. Lindbergh, Charles
  13. Mills, Ogden
  14. Norris-La Guardia Act
  15. Olson, Floyd B.
  16. Peace Movement
  17. Raper, Arthur
  18. Social Workers
  19. Thomas, Norman
  20. United Mine Workers of America (UMWA)
  21. Vann, Robert
  22. Weaver, Robert Clifton

The impression I got from Jonathan Alter’s The Defining Moment (or maybe it was a PBS special) was that FDR remained isolationist as late as his 1940 campaign. Even so, it seems people were derided for being isolationist and/or pacifist earlier than that. The things you learn! BTW, did you know Charles Lindbergh was born in Detroit?

Altogether, it’s a neat little two-volume set.

Week 1 note: I had a Turk-free weekend. When I’ve completed 8 hours, I’ll post the final tally.