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Widget/Gadget rant #1

Widgets and Gadgets are a pervasive phenomenon. As such, it’s strange that they’re so under-developed. That’s my complaint.

The solution: widgetize based on use. This is how I lay out my iGoogle, and it makes sense:

  1. “Main Tab” — Has my gmail, facebook notifications, some bookmarks (esp. for sites I go to daily), a recommendation radio for my account, and most prominently my Google Reader. Previously I had separate Gadgets for feeds, but refused to make a single tab big enough to warrant scrolling. So, I consolidated the feeds into Reader. While I was at it, I also threw digg, engadget, etc. into another folder and made a Reader gadget for that in another tab. That’s just not “prime time” enough on my productivity to be in the main tab. The main tab is the home page of your home page.
    1. I would have Google Calendar on the main tab, but the Gadget doesn’t fit my criteria yet. It shows a monthly calendar, and not a daily agenda! I go to the freaking page daily! — what use is THAT!? That gadget would just be a link.
    2. Google Bookmarks could also use some work — mostly the ability to import, but also some more features.
  2. Other tabs: The other tabs are for noteworthy gadgets that do not require daily checking.

The gist of what I’m trying to say: widgets and gadgets should be developed with daily or even up-to-the-minute use in mind. A Google Calendar should be that day’s agenda.