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JSON files


The following JSON feeds can be used by any party abiding by the CORS policy:

File name (linked) Description
browserslist.json A JSON representation of .browserslistrc, in the same format as accepted in ./package.json.
budget.json The site's front-end performance budget, broken down by asset type. Can be used in Lighthouse CLI ( )
data-feeds.json A meta-listing of all publicly-available JSON feeds on the site
design-tokens.json A single source of truth for design decisions, to be used in the style guide and in the CSS. Potentially compatible with amzn/style-dictionary ( )
docs.json Listing of all documentation content on the site
events.json Listing of all event content on the site
forms.json Listing of all forms on the site
jsonfeed.json All of the blog posts on the site, in format
jsonfeed.json All of the events on the site, in format
pages.json Listing of all page content on the site
people.json Listing of all people on the site
posts.json Listing of all posts content on the site
products--snipcart-crawler.json A feed of all site products for snipcart, in a format you can use to fetch at
products.json Listing of all products on the site
search-index.json All the published textual content of the site split out by page, for searching on the front end
sections.json Listing of all reusable sections on the site