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You may be LOST There has been an issue finding your page. 1200x630/john-locke.jpg We're not the only ones on this island and we all know it noindex,follow Page
About Brad Who, what, when, where, why, and how. about-brad_social.jpg Page
Accessibility Statement Our commitment to all users visiting this site. Page
Categories List of all the categories on the site, with their tagged items. noindex,follow Page
Contact us We would love to hear from you. Page
Documentation Guides and tools for writing and designing around this site. Page
Events Archive Events that have previously occurred. Page
Events All the goings-on. Page
Frequently asked questions What we've been asked, and what we say when asked. Page
Search Textually find content on the site via a form with a text box. Page
Blog Serialized writings collected in a single place for your enjoyment. Page
Home Brad Czerniak is a Drupal and JAMstack developer in Michigan. Page
You're offline When your connection is interrupted and you go to a non-cached page, this is where you land. noindex,follow Page
Press Who to contact if you're a journalist. Page
Privacy Policy How you can expect your data to be handled, and when and where cookies are used on the site. Page
Products Products for sale. Page
Site map A list of all links on the site, grouped by type and in alphabetical order. Page
Tags List of all the tags on the site, with their tagged items. noindex,follow Page
Terms and conditions Rules and regulations for the use of this website. Page
Thank you! We appreciate your form submission! noindex,follow Page
(untitled) Page
(untitled) Page
Blog Serialized writings collected in a single place for your enjoyment. Page
Blog Serialized writings collected in a single place for your enjoyment. Page
Accessibility Writing guide for inclusivity noindex,follow docs
Atoms The very smallest components in the design system. noindex,follow docs
Be concise Write enough to get your point across, but no more. noindex,follow docs
Browser support Browsers this site supports when testing and building. noindex,follow docs
Color The very smallest components in the design system. noindex,follow docs
Content principles Quick overview of our guiding content principles. noindex,follow docs
Forms The very smallest components in the design system. noindex,follow docs
GIF files All the GIF files in the assets directory. noindex,follow docs
Grammar and mechanics Formatting and consistency in language on the site. noindex,follow docs
Icons The very smallest components in the design system. noindex,follow docs
Information architecture Menus, tagging, and other structures. noindex,follow docs
JPEG files All the JPEG files in the assets directory. noindex,follow docs
JSON files JavaScript Object Notation files available publicly on this site. noindex,follow docs
JavaScript Scripts and behaviors available for use on the site. noindex,follow docs
Lang (translated) Values for translated CSS strings. noindex,follow docs
Layouts Instructions for making layouts. noindex,follow docs
Markdown All markdown syntax and its usage for this site. noindex,follow docs
Molecules Components that are made up of more than one little thing. noindex,follow docs
Moodboard Fonts, colors, logos and imagery, and other things that contribute to the feel. noindex,follow docs
Organisms Biggest components, made up of all the smaller kinds. noindex,follow docs
PNG files All the PNG files in the assets directory. noindex,follow docs
Performance budget The allowed number and size of assets delivered to users on the front end. noindex,follow docs
Personas Intentional stereotypes used for empathetic framing. noindex,follow docs
SVG files All the SVG files in the assets directory. noindex,follow docs
Search engine optimization Page metadata for reviewing to ensure good SEO. noindex,follow docs
Sections (reusable) Reusable and demonstration content at organism size. noindex,follow docs
Strategic Plan The mission, vision, and goals of the website qua website. noindex,follow docs
UX principles Prioritzation of the laws of user experience for heuristic work. noindex,follow docs
User testing Instructions for testing the site with users. noindex,follow docs
Values (design tokens) Values for non-color design tokens. noindex,follow docs
Voice and tone The mission, vision, and goals of the website qua website. noindex,follow docs
Writing about people Useful distinctions in order to be inclusive. noindex,follow docs
3 years of Solve it once A few easy things you can do to support Brad, just this once. 1200x630/share_3-years-of-so1ve.png A graphic representation of this post title and description posts
52for2009 #1 — Turk for 2 hours a day This was a fun idea for a new years resolution posts
A Hint at the Future I don't want to be one of those sporadic bloggers that apologize whenever they go a while without posting posts
A No-brainer Brad being wrong about OBL. posts
A Year of Transliteracy: Call to Action Putting transliteracy behind me posts
An Alternative Interpretation Silly Beatles thing. posts
An implication for geeks I think Freeman Dyson was dead wrong posts
And the other half-completed projects… Stuff I was working on in August 2007 posts
Another Responsive Data Tables Approach Little Bobby Tables strikes again posts
Both Have Good Points Summarizing a twitter debate about the digital divide posts
CSS is Syntactically Inconsistent Pseudo this, pseudo that posts
Coming soon Commitment to blog more french-onion-dip.jpg A sticker on the tub top of some French onion dip posts
Context in the Future Desiring siloes right before siloes became pervasive posts
Day Five He says I'm getting better. 1200x630/share_3day-five.png Agent Checkles with me in the mirror. posts
Development Favicon A neat browser extension I made posts
Drupal and Git A presentation that made me locally infamous posts
Drupal is the Answer Presenter notes for a Drupal presentation posts
Encyclopedia of Censorship [Redacted] posts
Energy The most important point to ponder. posts
Example post A blog post with example content and front matter. posts
Facebook Librarian Beta Release This app no longer exists, btw. It was a cool old thing that did not steal your personal info. posts
Flextures Really wanna twist a phone posts
For the Cultural Lexicon I starchive my gmail all the time. Inbox zero, baby! posts
Further Refining Transliteracy More long-winded talk that nobody cares about now posts
General Update A Brad post, going into 2008. posts
Gmail hacks Forwarding and send as instructions for Wayne State LIS students in 2008. posts
Google Chatback Badge Improvements Deprecated chat widget posts
Help me with my resume First draft of my online resume. It had wood grain. posts
His name is Miles, get it? Memes! Get your memes here! posts
How to Live Simple two-step process. posts
IL Communication Just one literacy was not enough criticism for one Brad posts
Is it Opposite Day? Gimmick site I ran for a while posts
Is this a coincidence? Sometimes we don't hurt just the ones we love. posts
Keep Reading! Andrew Keen's arguments become weaker over time. posts
Languages of a Blueberry Smoothie Still trying to bring folks around to my pedantry posts
Librarian updates Progress on the Facebook Librarian app. posts
LibraryThing Issues Early versions of a catalog app were nightmarish posts
Lose the MeeboMe Gadget Strong opinion from the age of Flash. posts
Matters of Media Making Claude Shannon spin in his grave posts
More Theme-y Stuff Example theme for a defunct tool for a defunct tool. posts
My First Chrome 48 Early review of a free Chromebook posts
Observations Took an unexpected swipe at Orlando Bloom posts
Oh Dear Racism is racism. posts
Okay, so I almost have a site Don't really want a blog. Gonna make it very Brad-like soon. posts
On Transliteracy The beginning of a series of correct-but-underappreciated screeds posts
Only Upgrade? I think this counts as a tweet. posts
Patrons in their Natural Habitat Library meta humor. posts
People are making pretty themes! Gone themes from defunct tools. posts
Personal Transparency Bradleaks: a document dump posts
Play the 'House' Home game! The best in 2007-Google-Doc-based entertainment. posts
Post To Blog Gadget For all the iGoogle users out there. posts
Practically Mobile Check out this early RWD post! posts
Quick pontoon rant The number of pontoons does not change the name. 1200x630/pontoon-boat.jpg Illustration that a pontoon boat has one or more pontoons posts
Recipe before I make it #1- MexItalian Burger This turned out great! Red Robin eat your heart out posts
Redefining Transliteracy Exposition of the correct transliteracy definition posts
Resist That Advice Redesign early and often? posts
Sass considered harmful CSS preprocessors had a lot of promises but not a lot of delivery. It is time to dump them. 1200x630/share_sass-considered-harmful.png It's CSS all the way down, and 'preprocessors' never did what you thought. posts
Simple Productivity Hack A Google Alerts trick from back in the day. posts
Six Pack Peyton Manning telling it like it is. posts
Skeptical about this one An encyclopedia beyond belief posts
Some Predictions Young Brad being stupid about energy posts
Something to consider Prejudging the visuals for Speed Racer. posts
Speaking the Same Language Far more depth into transliteracy posts
Sports Night Quotes from one of my favorite shows. posts
Stop Reading! Why read when you can skim and pretend? posts
Stuff about sleep Instead of Westworld we got Little Caesars Arena posts
The Best Thing since a Better Mousetrap Four days into the app, and the plans are coming together. posts
The Future Postdictions about the first iPhone. posts
The History and Art of the Video Power Hour Notes on an obscure hobby. posts
The Trouble with Charity An opinion I've since outgrown. posts
Things I keep repeating in meetings When you find yourself part of a big corporation 1200x630/share_business-maxims.png Useful business-speak, heuristics, and smart-sounding gibberish. posts
Things that interest me Two seemingly-small concepts that caught my eye. posts
Those Canadians! Please let me become a citizen, Canada. posts
Una Dia Reflections on the first day of the librarian facebook app. posts
Useless Halloween Predictions Made one of these costume predictions a reality. posts
Valentine Commercialism Pink electronics are for people who like the color pink. posts
Week 2 — Encyclopedia by Letters Reading a bunch of articles and listing them posts
What Browsers do (that they shouldn't) A slice of browser history. posts
Whiteboard Backlog Drawings all over the walls of my apartment posts
Why Are We CSS-ing All Stupid? Unfinished draft I really wanted to publish posts
Widget/Gadget rant #1 Widgets and Gadgets are a pervasive phenomenon. As such, it's strange that they're so under-developed. posts
Widget/Gadget rant #2 Let me start with the bottom line: You should make a widget for your site. posts
Your Fast Catalog Oddly-specific WebPAC tweaks posts
iGoogle Theme Maker! A cool, dead project for a defunct Google homepage. posts
iOS 4 Graph Paper Wallpaper Free, simple wallpaper posts
iPhone alarm clock improvements Perhaps my best idea posts
meta rock I miss old-school ze frank posts
A banana Affordable, portable fruiting 1200x630/banana.jpg Stylish banana products
B banana Lesser fruit 1200x630/banana-invert.jpg Stylish banana products